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April 25th, 2018

OK, corny word play aside, this fifth Luft event, located in the large yard of Ganahl Lumber, has a meaningful connection to the Porsche story. The first series of aluminum-bodied 356 models were constructed at an old sawmill in Gmünd, Austria. The original location of the first Porsche factory was in Zuffenhausen, but allied bombing during 1943 forced the company to relocate to Austria. Porsche eventually moved back to Germany in 1949, but not before providing tractor components to aid the infrastructure efforts after the war.

History lesson completed. Howie Idelson and Patrick Long, the two behind the Luftgekühlt shows, organised another wildly successful show. The show has grown from it’s humble beginnings in the small car park at Deus Ex Machina on Venice Blvd. Each year a unique location is carefully chosen and curated to not only show off these air-cooled machines in the best possible way, but also to accommodate the growing interest and attendance of this series of shows. They’re all designed to be photo-friendly locations too. This year was sold-out with request for tickets flying all over the internet in the days leading up to last Sunday.

The format is brilliant, there are specific curated areas of special interest cars and a huge lot of assorted cars filling the rest of the yard brought in by enthusiastic owners from across the country. It is a staggering sight, lanes and lanes of the finest offerings on display.  The curated displays this year were placed in and around the covered lumber warehouse, it’s wide aisles perfectly suited for the very special cars parked in it. One of the most prominent displays was a Jerry Seinfeld owned 356, number 40 of the cars produced in Austria.

Within the warehouse itself, there was the only remaining virtually intact non-restored 1967 911R prototype built. A gorgeous blue 800hp modified 959SC (Sport Canepa) was placed just down a few shelves from it. A Singer with a brilliant Mulholand Drive themed livery joined it, as well a perfect Arena Red 993 GT2, a Flachtbau (flat-nose) 964 Turbo S and a load of other significant cars. I love seeing the non-911 based Porsches, the warehouse did not disappoint. Included on that list was a perfect blue 550 Spyder, the monstrous 917/10 Can Am car, and a very special 908 short-tail prototype. Can’t forget to mention the Type 804 racing car that Dan Gurney drove to his and Porsche’s only F1 victory in the 1962 French GP.

The curated displays close to the warehouse were equally impressive. Starting with a circle of 914-6’s, these awkward looking beasts have long been a favorite of mine. Another closely parked collection was of un-restored 356’s showing off the quality and enduring craftsmanship associated with German engineers. This wasn’t the only grouping of 356’s, Rod Emory rallied a set of his Outlaws together, another pristine circle placed around the corner from them, as well as two solid lines of bathtubs parked a couple sections away from the central warehouse.

Other notable vehicles included the two safari 911’s builds for the charity auctions from the previous shows, along with a few other cool safari-styled bredren too. A 1973 Porsche 911T Sunoco RSR Tribute car took command of a corner, just a car down from the only water-cooled car that somehow snuck into the show. It wasn’t just any water-cooled car of course, the Schuppan 962CR is one of six built, this one with zero miles on the clock.

I can’t wait to see how Howie and Patrick will top this year’s show, judging by their current trajectory, it will be even more impressive.

Luftgekuhlt 5 - 11

Rolling into the show.

Bath time, one of a few gaggles of Porsche 356's

Bath time, one of a few gaggles of 356’s.

Stacked high and wide.

Porsche 908 short-tail works prototype at Luftgekuhlt 5

Porsche 908 short-tail works prototype.

Couldn’t get enough of the 908, pretty from every angle.

A water cool detail.

The Dan Gurney 1962 Porsche Type 804

The Dan Gurney 1962 Porsche Type 804

Luftgekuhlt 5 - 10

Gulf = cool.

Buck for a 365.


Staring straight at you.

The yellow original Porsche 911R prototype surrounded by other heros.

The yellow original 911R prototype surrounded by other heros.

Caught in the rays, the stunning Porsche 917/10

Caught in the rays, the stunning 917/10.

Front of the Porsche  917/10 at Luftgekuhlt 5

Front of the 917/10

Asset protection.

A collection of Porsche 914-6s at Luftgekuhlt 5

A collection of 914-6s.

I will confidently call this a long tail.

The show would not be complete without a Porsche 959, this one a special 800hp version.

The show would not be complete without a 959, this one a special 800hp version.

Reflecting on Fuchs.

A hand formed original, the Porsche 1949 Gmünd car, owned by Jerry Seinfeld.

A hand formed original, the 1949 Gmünd car, owned by Jerry Seinfeld.

The Gmünd car taking a prime position at the show., the 40th car produced.

The Gmünd car taking a prime position at the show., the 40th car produced.

Singer and it’s Mulholland Drive livery.

Detail view of the Singer at Luftgekuhlt 5

Detail view of the Singer.

Porsche 550 Spyder at Luftgekuhlt 5

550 Spyder

Porsche 904 GTS at Luftgekuhlt 5

904 GTS

RUF BTR at Luftgekuhlt 5 -2


RUF BTR at Luftgekuhlt 5


Luftgekuhlt 5 - 2

Rod Emory’s car and its mini-me (R.I.P.) version.

Luftgekuhlt 5 - 1

A Singer awaits parking instructions.

Goyard straps compliment John & Edison Sarkisyan’s elaborately decorated 356 build.

Luftgekuhlt 5 - Classic Porsches 9

Only a couple of Speedsters, no biggie.

Luftgekuhlt 5 - Classic Porsches 8

All is in order.

Luftgekuhlt 5 - Classic Porsches 7

Temporary loneliness.

Porsche 993 GT2 in Arena Red at Luftgekuhlt 5

993 GT2 in Arena Red.

Porsche 993 GT2 at the Luftgekuhlt 5

More of that 993 GT2.

Luftgekuhlt 5 - Classic Porsches 6

Earning it’s stripes.

Luftgekuhlt 5 - Classic Porsches 5

Same same but different.

Luftgekuhlt 5 - Classic Porsches 4

Flap and tickled.

1970 Porsche 911 ST at Luftgekuhlt 5

1970 Porsche 911 ST

Schuppan 962CR

Schuppan 962CR

Luftgekuhlt 5 - Classic Porsches 3

Water cooled, we’ll give it an OK, especially for its zero mile status.

Luftgekuhlt 5 - Classic Porsches 2

Sticker repairs

Luftgekuhlt 5 - Classic Porsches



A set of Porsche 964's taking a more prominent position this year.

A set of 964’s taking a more prominent position this year.

1973 Porsche 911T Sunoco RSR Tribute car.

Mini-Gulf and friends.

Beast mode.

Luftgekühlt 3’s charity build.

That enduring pillar.

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