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March 31st, 2017

Spare 11 minutes and 59 seconds of your life to witness the Greatest Innovations in Formula One Racing that changed the way you drive daily…

We drenched in the flavour of automotive passion like to believe that this industry is run by passion and we aren’t that far from reality as well. However, there is a part of this industry that talks about profits, ROI’s, and bottom lines and that is where we meet the dark side. No offence, but no matter how passionate one might be for a new technology or a new idea, it is almost always the dreaded accountants who need to clear the investment to make it happen. It is an undeniably hard task to get the green paper flow from these tough as hell number crunching people. Still, no matter how uninterested our humble friends from the finance department are in motorsports, they still cannot deny the possibility of new technology R&D through racing.

The automotive world owes a staggering number of technological innovations to Formula One Racing without which have transformed road going machinery. These advancements have arrived, in body construction, performance, fuel efficiency, safety and electronics to say the least. Formula One is not just a showcase of highest level of competitive racing but it also is a breeding ground of technological innovations and engineering marvels. It is from Formula One Racing we got magical new materials such as carbon fibre for lighter body panels and component construction, it was Formula One Racing that gave us energy regenerative technologies and not to mention the incredible growth in aerodynamic understanding and electronics that now control every single aspect of our daily commutes.


While it would turn out to be a whole book good enough for engineering syllabus if we sit down and talk into details about each and every innovation that Formula One gave us, we would rather let you understand in brief the Greatest Innovation In Formula One Racing that changed and are changing the cars we drive daily.  The fabulous video below by great blokes form YouTube channel Real Engineering talks about the greatest innovations in Formula One Racing. For everyone who loves the thrill of racing and of speed and who wants to understand the sheer engineering prowess that is required to make a car work leave alone racing it, this 11 minute 59 second video is a must watch.

Via Real Engineering on YouTube

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