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April 13th, 2017

The Lancia 037 Stradale has quite the pedigree in the World Rallying Championship. It debuted in the 1982 Rally Costa Smeralda, however, both the cars failed to complete the championship due to gearbox issues. The 037 Stradale was also the last rear wheel drive rally car to win the 1983 World Rally Championship season. Designed by Lancia in the year 1980 to compete in the Group B championship of WRC, it was considered till date to be the golden era of rallying for having the most powerful and sophisticated cars. Lancia called this as Project 037, the design was an outcome of collaboration between Pininfarina, Abarth, Dallara and the project manager-engineer Sergio Limone.

The Lancia 037 Stradale featured a fiberglass body with a steel chassis underneath, the engine was placed before the rear axle making it a mid-engined layout. The 2-litre four cylinder engine was mated to a supercharger which produced 205bhp. The supercharged engine delivered linear power which was easily controllable, meaning, the driver could focus more on his racing lines and not worry about losing traction from bursts of power. The interior of the car brings back the nostalgia of rally racing, done up in grey Alcantara and the bold display of dials which in addition to the speedometer and tachometer include oil pressure and supercharger boost gauges. The most definitive aspect of the car has to be the pop-out blown fuse indicators which are very reminiscent of being in a rally car. The power of the supercharged engine is transferred to wheels through the 5-speed Dog-Leg gearbox which ensures that shifting between the most used gears 2-5 remains extremely convenient.

This example of the Lancia 037 Stradale was initially registered in its hometown of Italy and the car was a gift by its first owner to his wife. When the couple split up, the car sat in the first owner’s garage for many years before a car dealer brought the car over to Germany. Furthermore, the car was sold to his friend in Portugal just as the odometer read 5952kms. The current owner purchased the car in 2014 and had it recommissioned with an engine service, new fluids, overhauled brakes and a full suspension rebuild.

However, the 046 chassis numbered car is up for grabs at Girardo & Co. and is in very much mint condition. Furthermore, it is safe to say that this Lancia 037 Stradale is ready to take on the streets with the recently induced fresh lease of life and hope the new owner gets to enjoy its capabilities.  

Image source – Girardo & Co.

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