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August 18th, 2017

In the world of motoring, restoring classic Porsches has become a separate book of its own. It is possibly the single biggest specialisation that has taken the minds and moods of many across the world, each presenting themselves in their own bespoke way. Every continent and its Porsche sub-culture is represented by Porsche specialists who have vastly different ideologies of working on the classic Neunelfer, perhaps the reason why each of them are worth talking about separately from each other.

Amidst of all the various Porsche specialists that have sprouted around the world lately, there are few who have been associated with restoring Porsches long before it was cool. U.K-based Historika is one of them. Headed by Kevin Morfett, Historika has been restoring classic Porsches for over 40-years. They are an all-round Porsche restoration workshop where everything from metalwork, engine and everything in-between takes place in-house, meaning that they can meticulously control the quality of everything that goes in an out of their rebuilds.

But these guys are more than a mere Porsche restoration shop. Being involved with the Porsche 911 for almost as long as the car has been in existence itself brings out a certain romance to the machine. So of course, the work that goes on here is more than mere business, as these are the guys who are enthusiasts first and business owners later.

This virtue has brought out a very unique way of marketing their talents to the world that goes beyond selling and into providing a unique, consistent experience. It’s an effort that no one else has followed more religiously than Historika, and it’s that very effort that makes them so appealing. If you head over to their YouTube page, you would find a certain 1964 Porsche 901 amongst other interesting things, being driven / raced on various tracks across Europe. Also, Historika doesn’t do track days for the heck of participating. Each POV video of theirs has the air-cooled classic being driven by the scruff of the neck, something that I absolutely enjoy watching, hoping and dreaming to do one day.

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