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January 14th, 2016

Modern furniture design is seeing interesting elemental blends to the point that steel and wood have now married each other. Thanks to Harkavy Furniture table designs, we now get neat lined furniture that emphasize the solid aspect of design. These are so sturdy and clean cut that we feel all Harkavy Furniture table designs are bold. Harkavy Furniture is the brainchild of Wesley and Dylan Harvey—siblings and partners in design!

The idea behind these Harkavy Furniture table designs is to keep everything simple and clean. The focus remains of blending wood and steel so cleverly that  you do not see the element distinctly from each other.

Harkavy Furniture Table Cortado Table

As for the Harkavy Furniture table designs, the Cortado Coffee Table stands out. Made from walnut wood.  Its dark surface contrasts against the steel that is matted with powder coating. The tabletop appears to diagonal and creates a sliced illusion.

Harkavy Furniture Table Doppio Coffee Table

Coming to the Doppio Coffee Table, we see more laidback designing. The frame is again pweder coated steel and sharply contrasts against the cedar wood shelf.

Harkavy Furniture Table Ladder Back

With Ladder Back table, the classic walnut tabletop is back but comes with more accents in the same wood. The hoof-like walnut feet adds some surprise in the solid piece, making it stand out among the Harkavy Furniture table designs.

H/T: Design-Milk

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