May 16th, 2015

In 2015, the fascinating natural beauty of the European spring isn’t the only thing that’s grabbing everyone’s attention. After a cold winter, it seems that the new KTM prototype of their new touring motorcycle is out of hibernation and ready to give spy photographers plenty of opportunities to get clicked.

It was only a few days back that we showed you the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT,  a touring motorcycle borrowing most of the cycle parts from KTM’s 1290 Super Duke R monster, parts such as wheels, exhaust, suspensions and most importantly, the 1290 cc, liquid-cooled 180 bhp, V-twin. Now more detailed images of the motorcycle have emerged giving out more details of the machine from the side.

From the new spy photo taken near KTM’s testing facility in Spain it appears that the rear section right from the subframe has been altered. The rear seat is lower and flatter to the road. From the photographs it appears that the GT will retain the single sided swingarm setup from the Super Duke R, while the exhaust gets an addition of a head plate. Judging from the stance of the rider, it does not seem that a lot has changed in the riding ergonomics, even the rake angle of the front forks seems to be the same as the Super Duke R, even the hight of the suspension appears to be the same. If this is the geometry that KTM is planning to carry along for the final product, we can expect the GT to be a capable, sharp-turning and agile handling machine (lets see what KTM has in mind for making it touring-comfortable).

The KTM 1290 Super Duke GT is expected to be a replacement for the discontinued KTM 990 SMT. While there still is quite some time, in most probability, the Super Duke GT is expected to be sold as a 2016 model and could make it’s first official appearance at the 2015 EICMA Motor Show.

Source: Visordown

KTM 1290 Super Duke GT (Spied till now) – Image Gallery

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