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Aston Martins unleashed at new St. Athan Plant.

The three massive hangars which were previously owned by the Ministry of Defence are soon going to be part of Aston Martin’s new manufacturing plant. But the plant isn’t set up yet, and the hangars are completely barren. So what best use can one put these large empty spaces to? Why slide expensive cars in empty spaces off course! Aston Martin brought together 28 of their very special cars from over the ages, a combined value of £65 million (~$83.6 million) to make a film that is probably the best use anyone has made of such a large empty space till date.

The collection of cars present here are everything iconic Aston Martin has ever made, including a Aston Martin Vulcan, A3, the DBR1 and the Aston Martin One-77. The 28 cars together at St Athan showcase the finest that the British brand has manufactured over its 108-year heritage.

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