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September 30th, 2016

Porsche 911 Engine Swap Gone Too Extreme ?

There is no reason for such a machine to exist, and yet it does. First of all, the Porsche 911 is not one of the most though of cars when someone is considering an engine swap. Maybe because the original engine is perfect in charm, balance and performance, but possibly also due to the relatively small space in which the Porsche 911 engine lives in where putting a larger engine would come with its own set of difficulties. Yet, this here is a Porsche 911 engine swap that no one could ever imagine, leave alone think that something like it ever existed.

This 1980s 930 Porsche 911 has been fitted with a McLaren Formula One engine. Yes you read that correct. It is a TAG turbocharged 1.5-litre V6 that was found in McLaren Formula 1 cars during the 1980s. This particular one off Porsche 911 engine swap was discovered by Drivecult when they recently visited the McLaren Technology Centre. Not only does the 930-generation 911 have a purebred racing engine, but it also stands on some good looking RUF alloy wheels.

Porsche 911 Engine Swap With TAG McLaren F1

From the front, there is no telling that this Porsche 911 has received an engine swap. Its only when one starts to move towards to rear of the car, things start to get really special. At the back, there are two massive intercoolers that sit on top of the McLaren TAG engine to pump in pressurised air.

TAG stands for Techniques d’Avant Garde a Luxembourg based company that was formed in 1977 by Akram Ojjeh, eventually led by his son Mansour Ojjeh. While the company is involved with hospitality, aviation and consumer products, TAG sponsored the Williams Formula One team during the early 1980s. And this is probably when this particular Porsche 911 engine swap was born. Ojjeh back then financed the turbocharged V6 engines that was to be used by McLaren in Formula One. While these engines codenamed TTE P01 had a “TAG” badge on them, they were actually designed and developed by Porsche and carried the “Made by Porsche” badge on them. While it was a unique partnership, the engines didn’t really do particularly well in Fomula 1 in their debut year in 1983 in the hands of Niki Lauda. In 1984 though, the Porsche-made TAG engines came back with full force and McLaren took home the Constructor’s Championship for the season.

Porsche 911 Engine Swap With McLaren F1 Intercoolers

Like most turbocharged engine from the 80s, the TAG-Porsche engine runs massive turbochargers on top of a small 1.5-litre engine, so you could assume the sort of lag it might be producing. In the late 80s the boost allowed on turbo-F1 engines was restricted to 4.0bar (58psi), which would make this Porsche 911 engine swap rate in at 485kW or a crazy rear-wheel-driven 650hp. You could imagine the hard time this particular 911 would have keeping its rear tyres stuck to the road.

With the engine in place, it is hard to make out that there is a 600+bhp, turbocharged, 1.5-litre Formula One engine snug fit at the back. Not that this crazy Porsche 911 engine swap would see a lot of road and street action, but if it did, it would for sure make for one of the most un-assumed sleepers out there. That is until it starts up and starts leaving rather unusually thick lines of rubber as it leaves challengers wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

Via: Performance Drive

Porsche 911 Engine Swap With F1 Engine

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