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August 11th, 2016

Covertly buying a competitors cars for studying their technologies is nothing new for car companies. It happens all the time, either for developing similar technologies or for coming out with something. It wasn’t long ago when Porsche caught Honda red-handed and sent them a cheeky note for using a Porsche 911 to develop their NSX. And now another report from Autocar suggests that while Developing the NSX, Honda bought a Ferrari 458 Italia to understand it’s manufacturing techniques. But what happened to the Ferrari isn’t pretty.

This would be a good point to not read any further if you are a die hard Ferrari fan.

While there might not be a lot in common between the Honda NSX and the Ferrari in terms of the way they are made, Honda engineers wanted to study how the Italian car was made. So after buying a 458 Italia, Honda engineers set out to dissect the car, cutting it up into pieces to understand the Ferrari’s advance aluminium construction.

Since the Ferrari was chopped up during examination, there wasn’t any possibility to put the car back together. Sadly, whatever remained of the Ferrari 458 were dumped into trash cans at Honda’s R&D facility. Thats a brutal end to a very pretty looking car….

If you think what Acura did was pure blasphemy, the do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Via: Carscoops

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