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December 18th, 2015

A transformation to a cafe racer has to have a classic touch no matter what; some say. We say why not. A restored vintage which after transformation looks almost the same and runs almost like the modern ones makes one feel the pride of riding / owning a classic while not having to deal with the niggles of an unreliable old, rusty bike.

However, the main idea behind a restoration most of the time is the one that is completely opposite to the modern thought of making it aggressive, sharp, light-weight using ultra-light compounds like titanium, carbon fibre, etc. Because for an owner, sometimes it is not about living in the current times where the restored bike makes you feel futuristic when you ride it, but more of making the owner feel more nostalgic about their “back-in-the-days times”… Like this 1976 Honda CB550 created by MotoHangar; a feel of the late ‘70s is a sure-fire.

Starting with the paint for this Honda CB550 which is gloss finished black paint (with a little vintage matte green); the rear gets 19 ’’front and 16’’ rear Avon tyres. While the engine is a 4-cylinder, 544 cc with pod-style air filters and rejetted carbs, the fully restored frame holds a MotoLana seat over its back. And the muffler of this Moto 2 (as said by the builders) type cafe racer is a 4-in-1 draped header and stainless steel reverse megaphone muffler. In the front, is a KOSO digital speedometer in between the clip-ons is are right above the headlight which is snug fit in between the strong forks, while at the rear the tail lamp is quite noticeable in between the not-so-noticeable turn indicators.

MotoHangar CB550 1

About MotoHangar

MotoHangar is a custom motorcycle workshop based in Vienna, VA. United States, that specializes in creating radical custom machines that are mainly based on Japanese motorcycles from the 1970s and 1980s. Apart from the above, which is their latest work, the company has created some beautiful looking Honda motorcycles that can be checked out on their builds page. While you are there, do not miss on their award-winning MHC003 1975 Suzuki GT550.

Image Source – MotoHangar

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