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September 14th, 2017

While in recent times, machines from BMW, Triumph and Ducati have monopolised the custom motorcycle scene with the companies churning out base models suited to the cafe racer lifestyle, every now and then we stumble upon a classic build that has been finished over an old Honda CB750. Frankly, the Honda CB-series has been the torch bearer amongst the custom bike scene over the years and one can find countless builds around various CB models like the CB400, CB500, the CB550, CB750 and even the bigger CB900. 

The clean framework of the CB750 with its solid double-cradle chassis and those gorgeous four pipes flowing out of the transverse mounted inline-4 cylinder engine, combine and make the CB750 a befitting canvas for custom builders. And rightfully then, the Spanish custom outfit, Bolt Motor Co, from Valencia, did just that to this CB750 that they got their hands on. Built in a span of about two to three months, Adrian Campos, the man behind the company, got the CB750 clutter-free getting rid of all the unnecessary equipment and leaving behind just the basics like a true-blue cafe racer machine. This was achieved by the way of cleverly relocating the wiring and housings under the fuel tank while the battery has been hidden between the swingarm and the chassis. Smart.

Honda CB750 Cafe Racer by Bolt Motor Co. 1

The stock fuel tank was scrapped for a wider and chunkier unit from an older version of the Honda CB750 and then tailored to suit this design. The gorgeously finished swooping tail unit has been 3D designed and printed and it fits it right and along lines of the wide fuel tank and merges seamlessly as one unit. It holds in place the dark brown custom seat made by Tapizados Llop from Valencia, Spain, who specialise in leather upholstery work. The bike is finished in a special metallic-buff-like paint done by a specialised custom paint firm called Aerodiseño in Valencia. Strangely though, instead of the traditional clip-on bars, this build gets slightly raised flat bars, which provide a rather relaxed riding stance but still look slick and gel with the bike’s cafe racer appeal.

The big four motor is finished in black with accents of chrome while four performance air-filters feed air to the four carburettors. The four manifold pipes merge into a 4-into-2 configuration with two swooping end-cans sticking out on each side of the machine. Damn, we would love to hear how she sounds then! This is certainly one of the cleanest and neatest Honda CB750 builds we have come across recently and it is going to be one of our top picks until another build breaks cover. Great work Bolt Motor Company. And of course, more power to the Honda CB750. May you live longer!

Honda CB750 Cafe Racer by Bolt Motor Co. 2 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer by Bolt Motor Co.

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