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A 21st century minimalist ode to the first ever Honda V-Twin. 

Through the 70s to the mid 80s the Honda CX series brought the segment unique features and technologies combined with famous Honda reliability which were rarely found on the competition. Those were the times when tech like liquid cooling, electric-only ignition, low-maintenance shaft drive, modular wheels, and dual CV-type carburettors that were tuned for reduced emissions, were uncommon at an affordable price point.

Then there was the fact that the CX series motorcycles were the first production Honda’s ever built with impressive new technologies. Thus, no wonder, the CX series holds an immense importance in the hearts of motorcycle lovers. That said, no wonder when Cameron Sault found one lying around unloved for over a decade, he knew what needed to be done and the result was this clean and glorious Honda CX500C Custom creation by Sault Built Garage.

Honda CX500C Custom by Sault Built Garage


Sault Built Garage is based out of Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada, a location around an hour’s drive from Toronto. It was founded by Cameron Sault in 2014 and serves as a perfect extension to Cameron’s talent and passion for custom products. The young, deaf artist is known to create custom furniture and metal sculpting along with his passion for creating beautiful machines. Just like all of us, he too is in love with the vibrations of an engine in motion and that unmistakable smell of gasoline. Moreover, through Sault Built Garage, Cameron has been taking up a few creatively challenging projects to showcase his unique vision in custom builds made all by hand.

The fairly clean Honda CX500C Custom by Sault Built Garage you see here in these pictures used to be a 1980 Honda CX500C. The CX500C was the factory ‘Custom” version of the standard CX500. It had a smaller, narrower tank along buckhorn handlebars. As already told, the bike was in a poor condition and required some pampering and TLC. Sault accepted the challenge and bought it without any second thoughts. His idea was to have a hybrid of ‘Bra’t and ‘Cafe Racer’ form for this Honda CX500C Custom by Sault Built Garage. This meant that Cameron had to shave off a lot of excess stuff for his final design. The gauges, original handlebar clamps, the entire rear section, air box unit, front and rear fenders and even the battery holder were shaved off from the standard bike.

Honda CX500C Custom by Sault Built Garage

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All this shaving off led to a raw naked CX500C and it was then that the building process of the Honda CX500C Custom by Sault Built Garage began in earnest. Cameron pictured every disassembled part of the bike to understand the flow of his design. The front fender was shortened considerably, while the rear fender got a whole new custom build.  The new rear fender was given a neat micro strip LED light underneath it along with custom micro rear LED turn signals as well. The front also benefited from custom micro LED turn signals while a new custom hand-built battery box now holds an 8-cell antigravity battery.

Also, the battery is now positioned underneath of the bike as can been seen in the photographs. Another interesting addition to the Honda CX500C Custom by Sault Built Garage is the custom hand made mini fairing mounted just above the headlight assembly.  Further additions to the build were in the form of the new clip on handlebars, a new speedometer, the old suspension setup gave way to a new one, an LED headlight and new tyres at both ends. The new front tyre is an Avon Speedmaster while the rear one is a Firestone Deluxe Champion. The minimalist single seat was custom made by Triple K Triple K Upholstery.

Photography by William Henfield. 

Honda CX500C Custom by Sault Built Garage

Honda CX500C Custom by Sault Built Garage

Honda CX500C Custom by Sault Built Garage

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