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June 3rd, 2015

For those who were at the edge of thinking if Honda’s ultra-exclusive, MotoGP derived, road-legal bike, the RC213V-S is true or just a speculation the mystery is finally over. A recent Japanese trademark application revealed the logo for the RC2130V-S a week and half before the motorcycle would be officially revealed by the company.

While currently there is no official word from Honda regarding the motorcycle’s launch, it is most certain that the bike would be launched on June 11 at the Catalunya race track, just before the beginning of the MotoGP weekend. This is where Honda would unveil the official price of the motorcycle and open bookings for customers. It is believed that the race-bred motorcycle is expected to be priced over £100,000 ($153,500).

For the RC213V-S Honda is expected to continuously keep taking orders and builds the bikes against order while not restricting the final count on the units to any specific number. While this move is good for long term sales, it would mean that the motorcycle’s value over long periods of time would not be well retained. This is specially bad news for investors who pick up these motorcycles for their collector values and sell them off in later years when the demands are high. Unfortunately, if Honda decides not to put a cap on the production numbers, then the motorcycle collectors (the majority of buyers for such hardware) could loose their interest.

Honda RC213V-S – Image Gallery

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