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February 13th, 2015

Honda Taiwan is gearing up to bring large-displacement motorcycles to the country, starting this spring. The decision was made due to recent developments in the company’s business and the government rules in the country. Firstly, Honda Motorcycles long standing collaboration with Sanyang Industrial Co. , Honda’s local manufacturer and distributor since 1961 for producing small motorcycles in the 125 cc class has come to an end, being the prime motivator to Honda’s move.

Secondly, the regulatory conditions that changed back in 2002, when Taiwan joined the World Trade Organisation, ending the government’s ban on large-displacement motorcycles in the country.

These factors combined by the rapid increase in incomes in Taiwan has opened up a completely new market for larger displacement motorcycles in the country. According to information provided by Honda, industry-wide sales of motorcycles larger than 250 cc in displacement had reached 17,000 units in 2014, which is an increment of 24% from previous year. So it is just the right time for Honda to make such decision apart from the fact their their own customer base in excess of 7,000 had been demanding for the same from the company.

Honda has also mentioned that i would be keeping their large-displacement dealers exclusive and separate from other small-capacity motorcycle dealerships. More details on these dealerships are expected by April, when the company is set to make its official entry.

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