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May 22nd, 2016

Rumours! Well we cannot just hate them, nor we can love them either, but no matter what, this particular rumour in the air that the iconic Honda S2000 Roadster might be coming back just in time to celebrate the Japanese company’s 70th anniversary, is just too tempting not to drool about. And there is indeed a possibility of this happening also since Honda first showcased the original Honda S2000 Roadster in 1998 to celebrate its 50th anniversary. However, this is not just where the interesting bits end, it is said that Honda will be bringing an all new motorcycle also with this all new car for its 70th birthday and this has made us jump like a 5 year old in excitement.

Honda S2000 Roadster Rear View

As per the reports going around, the new car will have similar dimensions to that of the Mazda MX-5 Miata but will have a considerably more powerful engine underneath its hood. While the rear wheel drive platform which will be used for the rumoured Honda S2000 Roadster is expected to take the route taken by the S660 mini roadster and the NSX sports, which means that this car can certainly have a similarly dedicated platform. This makes us think that the recently previewed Acura Precision Concept at the Detroit Motor Show might just have been Honda’s clue to the world that the Honda S2000 Roadster in indeed making a comeback soon enough.

Interestingly the Acura Precision Concept is said to have a rear wheel drive hybrid powertrain that had a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine at the front. Saying that, the new Honda S2000 Roadster should surely go light on the weighing scale and is expected to be around 1315kg’s in weight. The NSX is scheduled to go into production at Honda’s Ohio plant and this is exactly where the new Honda S2000 Roadster can also come from.

Honda S2000 Roadster Interior

Also, on the motorcycle part of the 70-year celebrations, it is said it will be a slightly detuned version of the Honda’s RCV213-VS and this is enough to make us check absolutely eager to see what Honda has in store for us. As for the rumour surrounding the new age re-birth of the iconic Honda S2000 Roadster, we are really really liking this idea and are sure you too are on the same boat.

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