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November 25th, 2015

Rolling down the hills is not always as exciting, as sometime you may also feel to sit back at the driver’s seat and enjoy the serene nature. Well in the same lane, ONLY VICTORIES have a beautifully carved out project that entails house in hills. It’s a beautiful creation that surrounds sea side and has ample space for the car to board on.

Only Victories House In The Hills

Only Victories House InThe Hills 2

Made very suitably with a simple yet well configured structure, it’s a perfect place to showcase a two car collection. The coastal view from all the horizons adds to its persona giving it a Scandinavian look and feel.

Only Victories House InThe Hills 3 Only Victories House InThe Hills 5 Only Victories House On The Hills

The interiors are crafted well with monolithic and green materials to build a perfect architecture at the hill side. Furthermore the seagulls and passing ships can well have a view of the double storey abode with two car collection with a central stacking garage. The transparent shielded windows and greyish embellished floors just go best with the look. To support the decor, wooden interiors from floor to ceiling is a perfect match. Supporting the sea, stands this hill side house with two car collection, by ONLY VICTORIES that leverages seaside view from every nook and corner of the house.

Only Victories House InThe Hills 6 Only Victories House InThe Hills 4

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