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March 22nd, 2018

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Collecting and rebuilding classic cars has been a favourite pastime of many individuals. If you are one of these individuals then you know just how much time and hard work goes into these cars. Not to mention that some of them are almost priceless. Unfortunately, car thieves are known for targeting classic vehicles due to facts that their alarm systems are lower grade (or non-existant), the parts are worth more, and they are extremely hard to identify once stolen. If one would recall, Land Rover Defender thefts in the U.K rose to an astronomical level after the British company announced that they would be discontinuing production of the iconic model, leading to increase in the perceived value of the car, and hence increasing thefts. So, how can you protect your classic vehicles from prying eyes?

Never leave your vehicle unlocked / unattended, even for a bit.

You would be surprised just how many vehicles are stolen, because their owners left the doors unlocked. In fact, a lot of individuals will leave the doors unlocked with the keys in the ignition or hidden behind the visor. After all that money and hard work that you put into your classic vehicle, this just isn’t a smart choice. Regardless of how safe your neighbourhood is always make sure that you are locking the doors after each use.

Invest in a safe and reliable storage

Any car that is locked in a detached or attached garage is going to be much harder to steal. First, the thieves might not even know what you have in the garage, so you will not even be targeted in the first place. Second, if they are even able to get into the garage, they still have to get the car unlocked and out of the garage without waking your up. Most thieves won’t even justify taking this type of risk. When you combine all this with the fact that keeping your vehicle in the garage will also keep it in better condition, it just makes more sense to store it in the garage.

Take advantage of an intelligent GPS vehicle tracking system

Vehicle GPS tracking is becoming more and more popular among classic car owners and it really is easy to understand why. Even if your vehicle does get stolen, the police can use this system to track and recover your vehicle. Just make sure that you install the system in a hidden location, so the thief won’t notice the system right away. Most thieves will look for these items, but they won’t do it until they are at a safe distance or at the chop shop. It is for these reasons that GPS systems are an absolute must for classic vehicles.

Install A Kill Switch

Another safety accessory that is growing more and more popular is the kill switch. This switch an easily be installed by any do-it-yourselfer and it will add great protection to your vehicle. A thief can’t take your vehicle if it will not start. Even if the thief locates the switch, it will take time to bypass it. By this time, you might have already noticed what’s going on and notified the authorities. In addition to this, these switches are extremely cheap.

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