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April 14th, 2017

The ICON 1000 Akromont Jacket completes the American riding gear brand’s Akromont line of products. Continuing the dark theme established by the gorgeous looking ICON 1000 Akromont gloves, the Akromont Jacket along with the pants makes a full icon street riding gear set.

The Akromont Jacket is constructed from a durable textile which means lots of breathability during the hot summer months. It is further supplied with drum dyed leather panels to resist abrasion during a motorcycle crash. In addition, the inner SatinCore vest liner can be removed as per the weather conditions. From a safety perspective, the Akromont jacket is equipped with ICON’s proprietary D3O impact protectors on the shoulders, elbows, and back. The Akromont motorcycle jacket also provides decent waterproofing capabilities through its YKK Zippers and polyurethane coating.

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ICON 1000 Akromont Jacket 4

Image Source – ICON

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