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April 11th, 2017

Steve McQueen’s Le Mans movie from 1971 is an all time classic in the history of Hollywood movies on motorsport. The other star of the movie that we petrolheads adore as much as the actor or the movie itself is the iconic Porsche 910. The scenes of Steve McQueen piloting the car through the Dunlop curves of the Circuit de la Sarthe is something of a nostalgic awakening of our senses. 


As a car enthusiast, the era of electric cars has gone deep with new concepts being launched from different parts of the globe. However, there comes along one such concept which makes us go back and question our beliefs. This incredible kit is created by Kreisel Electric (three Austrian brothers) working out of their garage, you heard it right! Not every concept is an outlay of millions of pounds and years of research and development. Kreisel Electric has partnered with EVEX Fahrzeugbau, who are essentially a German car manufacturer to recreate the Porsche 910.

With a 360KW of power, the Porsche 910 can do a 0-100Kmph (0-60mph) in just 2.5 seconds, evident of the electric motor that can produce all its torque at zero RPM. The car is capable of producing a top whack of 300kmph with a drive range of 350kms on a full charge. To top it all, unlike its predecessor this Porsche is street legal, which means you can drive around appreciating all its brilliance every time you wish to do a commute. Kreisel and EVEX Fahrzeugbau have confirmed to be manufacturing only a handful of these beauties, 35 to be exact. If you’re a die-hard fan of Steve McQueen or Porsche LeMans, then this is nothing short of a dream come true. If you’re too worried about driving it around, it would still be totally worth it as a piece of art in your very own garage.

Image source – Kreisel Electric

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