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December 17th, 2015

Star Wars Art Made In Shadows

Just a day before the official release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Pop artist Red Hong Yi sends out this video showcasing her sculptures that look like random pieces of materials stuck to sticks. But as soon as a light falls on these structures in certain angles, they create shadows that resemble the iconic characters from Star Wars showcasing Lord Vader, R2D2, Princes Laya and master Yoda. Check out the video below for Hong Yi’s intense Star Wars art in the shadows.

The Artworks of Red Hong Yi

Also known by her nickname “Red” Hong Yi as a passionate artist is known for creating her work from everyday regular and unconventional materials. A past student of architecture (masters degree) at the university of Melbourne, Hong Yi moved to Shanghai to pursue her artistic intentions once her studies were over. The city that was once home of her father and grandparents started absorbing Hong Yi with its chaotic charm. It was here that the abundance of affordable materials available in the local wholesale markets caught Hong Yi’s attention, leading her to create her first unconventional work, a portrait of a Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei which was made entirely out of sunflower seeds. If you would like to (and we highly recommend that you should) dig deeper into the creative side of Hong Yi, then make sure to visit her website here¬†and see all her amazing unconventional artwork in full details.

H/T: TheAwesomer

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