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Madrid might be lacking romanticism of Paris or the grand historic roots of Rome. It might not be on the same page as Barcelona even when it comes to grand masterpieces such as the La Sagrada Familia or anything that one would recognise instantly in a photo as part of Madrid. What the city has instead, is an unlimited collection of Spanish contemporary artwork and architecture, that one can find everywhere in a city that is always bursting with life and people who love to live it.

Madrid gets its Joie de vivre in the form of hundreds, if not thousands of urban sculptures and art. Historically, it has been the place where Spanish royalty has always praised and rewarded the finest artists and their masterpieces with riches for centuries. Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí once lived here, and their influence can be felt throughout the city.

Cafe Racer Dreams Shop Madrid-1

This means that people who like to apply their creativity to everything they do are everywhere and in every form. In this great melting pot of creativity and culture, there is one custom motorcycle builder who treats their atelier as a shrine of art. Based near the heart of the city is Cafe Racer Dreams. Cafe Racer Dreams (CRD) is under the creative direction of our close friend Jaime Colsa, a man who is a modern-day artist. He is also the front man at the Truck Art Project which is a project that he has started to bring art to people. In this project, several famous artists will be collaborating to paint 100 trucks that would display their artwork wherever they travel.


We recently caught up with Jaime at the CRD headquarters, a place that, like the rest of Madrid, bursts in colour and creativity. We are currently doing a collaboration with Jaime and his team to film CRD’s latest custom bike alongside our Land Rover Defender, something you should watch out for in the near future.

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