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August 3rd, 2016

The recently unveiled Jaguar F-Type SVR, a bag of crackle-pop V8 noises good enough for perpetual goose-pimples mixed with superlative horsepower that brings it almost at the top as the noisiest, wild and wacky super-muscle car ever to show face. While Jaguar celeberates internal combustion with such majestic glory, little did we know that these merriments could well be the very last.

When Jaguar said goodbye to Ford in 2008, it didn’t leave empty handed. Along with their departure, the British carmaker carried some V6 and V8 goodies from the company, most of which are still used in their high-performance sports and luxury saloons. While we already have got a hint that the V6 that currently resides in the Jaguar F-Type would be soon replaced by a flat-six engine as soon as 2017, in hopes abiding to tighter emission norms.

Jaguar F-Type SVR Front Right Action

The loudest, most violent sounding V8 currently in the market might be the last of its kind.

While we all knew that if the smaller V6 is gone, it meant that the larger, more deranged Jaguar supercharged V8 that currently sits in the top-of-the-line F-Type was on it’s way out too. What we always wondered was, its replacement. There is nothing that can replace the theatre of the snarly 575 bhp V8 that Jaguar has, but with its preposterously-low milage figures it had to be done.

But what’s next?…

No matter how awesome supercharging might sound and feel, the turbocharger is the only way to keep horsepower alive in the near future. While V8 engines are becoming more of speciality items as we progress ahead, it makes lesser sense for each manufacturer to create their own. Instead, a turbocharged V8 that is shared between a few manufacturers with different states of tune sounds like a more sensible way to go, and thats where Jaguar might be going soon too. A shared engine means fewer costs involved in development and testing, making the V8 a dinosaurian way to keep exciting things alive for a while. According to reports, this new engine might be a twin-turbocharged unit that would be the next-generation version of BMW’s current N63 V8, that in its current 4.4-litre form is capable of producing upwards of 600 bhp.

Hear the violence while it’s still alive:

Credits Auto Express on Youtube

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