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I must admit that I do not cringe anything more in life that charging one more gadget. While electric motorcycles are certainly the way forward, we don’t necessarily have to like it. While there isn’t much fascination that comes from electric motorcycles, the absence of Ye olde chatter-n-pop internal combustion engine does leave us with some radical new design ideas and possibilities in achieving a very modular structure. The Italian Volt, is doing exactly that, and then, a lot more.

The electric motorcycle is the brainchild of entrepreneur Nicola Colombo, motorsport maverick Valerio Fumagalli and automotive designer Adriano Stellino. The three established Italian Volt in 2016 with the mission of making the high-end electric motorcycle. This scares me a bit, as electric motorcycles in themselves aren’t exactly cheap.

But the whole point of Italian Volt (if Chevy doesn’t mind that name), isn’t to be economical. Instead, the idea is to use a single, well-capable platform and give customers a premium modular motorcycle that is tailored to their tastes. According to rideapart, the Italian volt when it goes up for pre-order (expected Q3 2017), would be made to order in Scrambler, Roadster or Cafe Racer versions based on the same platform. The company says that each motorcycle would be made in limited quantities with individual customization input taken from each rider/owner.

Apart from providing a absolutely bespoke experience the Italian Volt would also be capable of producing some pretty decent specs. The electric motor connected to rapid charge batteries that go from 0% – 80% charge 40mins would deliver a torque of about 200Nm. This according to Italian Volt, would be enough to push the electric motorcycle past 100kmph (60mph) from standstill in 4.6seconds, and keep going all the way up to an electronically limited 180kmph (112mph).

Begin battery powered does seem to bring in disadvantages though as the Italian Volt is expected to weigh in at 245kg with its 15Kw/h batteries.

When it launches, the Italian Volt would be an electric motorcycle for those select few how want a premium motorcycle that is custom made to their taste. While the idea is great, and the design of the Italian Volt is absolutely stunning, it remains to be seen how this electric motorcycle fairs in the future.

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