December 10th, 2014

The Buccaneer is a famous name from the 70’s. It marks the Italian manufacturer Italjet’s former partnership with Japanese Yamaha providing the 125 cc two-stroke engine dubbed into an Italian motorcycle frame called the Buccaneer 125. The Buccaneer 125 was a pretty famous machine back in its days, scoring three vicotries in the Italian Junior 125 series.

2015 Italjet Buccaneer 250i right front three quarters  showcased at Guangzhou China

Come 2014 and the Buccaneer name just got revived with Italjets recent partnership with Chinese two wheeler manufacturer Longjia Motorcycles. Dubbed the Buccaneer 250i, the new motorcycle was recently showcased at a in Guangzhou, China. Also, this is also the same motorcycle that we reported earlier of which Longjia had filed for a patent in Europe (read here).

2015 Italjet Buccaneer 250i right side profile showcased at Guangzhou China

While it is still unclear if the motorcycle would land up only under the Italjet brand name or would the platform be shared by both the Italian and Chinese manufacturers. While this is not the first time that the Italian manufacturer is holding hands with another manufacturer that is from outside Europe, as the companies touring motorcycle the Grifon 650 is based on the Korean Hyosung 650 frame and engine.

Italjet is for most part now engaged in making E-bikes which are very stylish and resemble the early internal combustion motorcycles from the start of the 20th century.

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