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M Staff


March 28th, 2016

For those interested in the history of automotive racing, the term Jaguar and Le Mans brings up a vibrant chequered lesson even more so when you mention the words ‘D-type’. Built by Jaguar between 1954 to 57 for the purpose of racing, the D-Type took a completely new approach towards making racing cars faster. Innovation came in the form of an aerodynamic monocoque body hitherto used only in the aviation industry for building planes. It did share a lot of mechanical components from the C-Type, most notably the 3.4-litre straight-6 which was enlarged to 3.8 liters in the later years. Three consecutive wins in Le Mans from 1955 to 1957 cemented the Jaguar D-Type as one of the greatest race cars in motorsports and Jaguar as a formidable factory team.

60 years later we get to witness a vintage Jaguar D-Type being put through its paces at the 2015 Le Mans legend support race and rest assured it is a treat for the senses. To watch a race-bred car devoid of any electronics set a pace that would put modern cars to shame and at the same time to revel in the mechanical symphony of an unadulterated, high-strung race engine. Thanks to Jarrah Venables on YouTube, we have this glorious footage. Enjoy!

Note- While Jaguar did later retire from active motorsport; they put up their remaining D-types up for sale re-christening them as Jaguar XKSS which were basically the road-legal versions or the homologation specials. Sadly a factory fire in 1957 destroyed 9 of the 25 XKSS cars making the remaining ones ultra rare and extremely collectible. Jaguar though has recently announced that it will build the remaining 9 cars which is really good news if you have been eyeing one for a long time.

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