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September 9th, 2017

Classic with a modern heart

Pull up any list of the greatest cars ever made and you will find that the Jaguar E type Concept Zero features almost on each and every one of them. In production between 1961 and 1975, the E type Concept Zero redefined car design forever. Even, Enzo Ferrari, a proud Italian vocal mostly about his own Italian marque, had to admit it was one of the most beautifully designed cars in the world. This Jaguar E type Concept Zero was exclusively the backbone on which Jaguar rode to its mid-century stardom. Now on the brink of a new era in motoring, Jaguar has reincarnated the iconic car to its new avatar with a zero emission. While it might not be quite towards the purists, it readies the classics’ design for the audience to come.

Jaguar E type Concept Zero

Jaguar Classic, the Jaguar division that restores and reimagines all classic Jaguars, has done something remarkable with the Jaguar E type Concept Zero. The legendary 4.2-litre straight six has been swapped with a 220-kW electric powertrain. This gives the car a claimed range of 270km and a 0 to 100kph time of 5.5s. Charging the battery fully takes 6 to 7 hours, depending on the power source. The car also weighs 80kgs less now. The liquid cooled battery pack is fitted where the engine usually sits, with the electric motor and reduction gear replacing the gearbox. Power is sent via a new propshaft to the original differential and final drive. The only cosmetic change to the car is a new instrument panel and centre console. This now has a TFT screen and a central display showing power usage, range and music options.

However, what is truly exciting is that this conversion is completely reversible. The chassis, suspension and brakes have remained unchanged. The electric powertrain can simply be unplugged and replaced with the original engine. Further, since this straight six was fitted to pretty much every Jaguar model between 1949 to 1992, theoretically all those cars can be converted as well. Petrolheads can rest assured that even if the internal combustion engine goes, classic Jaguars won’t go with it.

Images via JaguarJaguar E type Concept Zero Jaguar E type Concept Zero Jaguar E type Concept Zero Jaguar E type Concept Zero Jaguar E type Concept Zero Jaguar E type Concept Zero Jaguar E type Concept Zero Jaguar E type Concept Zero Jaguar E type Concept Zero

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