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June 12th, 2017

Cymatics is the most beautiful method to showcase geekiest levels of engineering in natural and beautiful ways as demonstrated by the Jaguar F Type SVR.

When an already nutty Jaguar F-Type coupe takes shrine inside the British brand’s special operations division – SVR the results are proud and profound and guaranteed to be bonkers. Not only does the SVR become lighter and more powerful, it also receives a series of aerodynamic upgrades that makes it stick harder to the road via its all-wheel drive system. With all the upgrades, if you’d think that Jaguar would hesitate in clearing the F Type SVR‘s throat every now and then, you’d be highly wrong. What the guys have done is create a Cymatics project going by “Art of Sound” at the Jaguar Anechoic Chamber in Gaydon, UK., demonstrating the acoustic effect of their top-throated sportscar in the most natural, beautiful way.

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