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January 15th, 2016

We are quite sure you either must’ve heard the name ‘Jannarelly’ recently or somewhere from Jay Leno’s show or not at all. Well that is one of the reasons it brings us here at this juncture to introduce you to the Jannarelly’s ‘first’ sports car, the Design 1 made from in-house components. Speaking of which, Anthony Jannarelly who happens to be a supercar designer at the W Motors, the Lykan and Fenyr Supersport shook hands with JJSpecial to give birth to this brand and a reason for us to write. Now, based out of Dubai (UAE), Jannarelly focuses and hovers around the 60’s era of motoring emotions. They claim to specialize in not only redoing client’s car, but they believe in driving client’s personality, taste and passion into one-of-its-kind build; and hence justifying their motto, ’Drive Unique’.


Jannarelly Design 1

Their ‘Jannarelly Design 1‘ which comes with an option to tweak the generic lines as per the client’s requirement and taste, other specifications of this makers-said track-ready sportscar includes a customisable RWD which falls in a roadster category and hence it is a two-seater. The rear mid-engined 3.5-litre powerhouse sporting a V6, DOHC 24 valves that produces a total of 304 horsepower while keeping the overall weight of the car down to an incredibly light 710kg.

Jannarelly Design 1 Jannarelly Design 1 Jannarelly Design 1 Jannarelly Design 1 Jannarelly Design 1

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