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on December 3rd, 2019

Jay Kay has been widely known for his affiliation with motoring culture by unique and often rare cars that he’s owned. Anyone who’s old enough to have heard his iconic song “Cosmic Girl” would also know his indulgence with special cars, specially from that one Top Gear episode where he talks to Richard Hammond about his love for Lamborghinis and specially the Miura.

This time around though, Jay Kay, who’s owned more than 100 rare and unique cars through the decades, is letting go of three of his prized beauties – each unique in the way they capture their own era of motoring. First of these is a 1970 Porsche Carrera RS, one of only 200 lightweight examples ever made. Finished in striking Tangerine paintwork, the Porsche is one of the most coveted of the air-cooled models of all time.

Next up is one of my personal all-time greatest supercar – the 2004 Porsche Carrera GT. While the Carrera GT is infamous for its brutal and unmanageable approach to supercar, it is also one of the last truly analog supercars. Not to forget its brilliant racing-derived V10 that sings better than most turbo-hybird-downsized supercars of today.

Last but definitely not the least interesting is his Grigio Ferro 2016 Ferrari F12tdf, one of the most visceral modern supercars from Maranello. The tdf is one of 799 cars that were ever made, featuring a beautiful-sounding 6.3-litre naturally-aspirated V12. These three cars will be heading to auction at the Bonhams Bond Street Sale in London. Hopefully Jay Kay is letting them go to make room for some even more serious and rare machinery in his garage.

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