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November 29th, 2016

Used automotive parts sometimes get resurrected in many interesting ways, given they fall in the right creative hands. Here’s one such example from Mumbai-based jcMoto who have resurrected a scrapped Honda CB125 engine by converting it into a neat looking, steampunk style table lamp. In a stroke of genius, the boys over at jcMoto made the best out of every part of the engine. While the crank and the clutch went back into a running motorcycle, the engine cover has been used here to make a unique one-of-a-kind table lamp that you don’t see everyday (but secretly wish that you had one always). The beauty of the lamp is that while it’s been cleaned up and polished to be put into a modern home interior, it still holds the subtle patina from the original install as well the lovely “Made in Japan” engraving. More details about the jcMoto Honda CB Table Lamp here.

jcMoto Honda CB Table Lamp 2 jcMoto Honda CB Table Lamp 3 jcMoto Honda CB Table Lamp

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