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August 11th, 2016

Forget the Ferrari FXX K for a minute, because what we have here is far more insane than that. Aptly enough, the garage-built dragster made to look like a Ferrari Enzo is called “Insanity”, and all you need to do is go around the back to see why it gets such a crazy name.

The Insanity is built by a Canadian chap called Ryan McQueen, who by no means was a technical person when he started out. In fact, at the beginning of his unique Ferrari Enzo dragster project, he din’t even know how to do a simple welding. But perseverance is the best medicine to gain knowledge and with time Ryan learned how to work with fibre glass, build a steel tube frame and even understand how to work around jet engines. It took him a while, 12 years to be exact… but the end result here is absolutely mind-blowing.

Insanity has taken Ryan about $69,000 to build completely, for which he secured initial funding by selling off his Corvette. The jet engines in this Ferrai Enzo dragster push out an insane 14,000 pounds of thrust. Ryan cannot wait to race his jet-powered Insanity past 400mph (643kmph) next year and we can’t wait to see him go flat out in his beautifully crazy creation.

Via: R&T & Ryan McQueen

Ryan McQueen Ferrari Enzo Insanity Front Left Ryan McQueen Ferrari Enzo Insanity Front Ryan McQueen Ferrari Enzo Insanity Chassis Ryan McQueen Ferrari Enzo Insanity Rear

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