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April 18th, 2016

Brian Fuller is a man of exceptional talent and vision. As seen before with the Ducati 250 Scrambler that he built a few months ago, Brian is a master of bringing out emotions in beaten metal wrapped around old-school mechanicals. For him and team, working with metal is more of an adventure rather than work. It is here that they take their skills to the level of art by creating inspiring shapes that beg to differ from anything else that you might see otherwise.

While Fuller Moto is primarily a custom motorcycle workshop based in Atlanta, Georgia… they sometimes do like to work on cars too. And since they work on cars every so often, so when they decide to get their hands dirty with one… they expect nothing short of a masterpiece as an end result. If you go on this American workshop’s website, you would find just one four-wheeled machine amidst a collection of beautifully handmade motorcycles. But that one four-wheeled machine is of a very special kind. It’s the kind that has the quintessential ingredient that drove the American car culture decades ago, and defines the country’s liking for power and open-wheel motoring. Of course, we are talking about a hotrod.

Jet Hot Double Down by Fuller Moto Left Side

Jet-Hot Double Down is what Brian calls his creation which bases itself on a 32’s Ford Roadster. Built in 2013 for Jet-Hot Coatings, the all-wheel drive machine features an insane 576 cubic inch (9.4-litre) naturally-aspirated V8 that is capable of producing an equally-insane 825 horsepower. To ensure that all that power is transferred effectively to the tarmac, Fuller Moto fitted Real Racing aluminium wheels couple with 14-inch wide racing slicks from Goodyear.

The Jet-Hot Double Down was recently sold at the 2016 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auctions for a price of $144,000.

Jet Hot Double Down by Fuller Moto Burnout Jet Hot Double Down by Fuller Moto Front Action Jet Hot Double Down by Fuller Moto POV Jet Hot Double Down by Fuller Moto

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