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March 28th, 2016

With the inevitable advent of Porsche turbo flat-four engines, the values for old Porsches have been on the rise. Singer realised this a couple of years back and came up with a retro-modern 911 which had the silhouette of yesteryears iconic 911 encapsulating a modern and reliable rolling chassis underneath which meant you could have your cake and eat it too. Other tuners saw the profits to be made with such resto-mods and followed suit.

So the game of inevitability brings us to Kaege, a German tuning firm that specializes in Porsches. Now Kaege have taken a holistic approach towards the whole resto-mod buzz. The Kaege Retro Porsche began life as a mid-90’s Porsche 993 with a goal to achieve the silhouette of the iconic 70’s Porsche 911. Kaege went on moulding and replacing parts with Carbon fiber and ultimately made a car that was lighter than the original by almost 100kgs. The roof and fenders underwent massive transformation as Kaege painstakingly worked towards bringing the Porsche as close towards the original. Of course the underpinnings have blessed with modernity. Pure as the earlier 911’s were they were notorious for being tricky at the limit. The 911 retains its multi-link rear suspension with KW dampers all around so being on the limit in this will not be an emotional ride with high traces of terror. This modernity has been masked beautifully though. A luminous example being the headlights. The LED projector-setup is well hidden behind a blurred glass to evoke old school charm. Also the iconic Fuchs style wheel has been replicated with new three-piece alloys.

Kaege Porsche 911 Retro Left Side Profile

The interiors are a tactile homage to the original with leather-infuser vintage theme wanting to take you back in time. The Recaro seats are clad in plaid upholstery and there is a modern stereo cleverly hidden behind a retro unit that should keep audiophiles satiated. The standard air conditioning and airbags are a boon here. The boot hides a Lite Blox lithium racing battery.

Kaege Porsche 911 Retro Interiors Kaege Porsche 911 Retro Door Trim

Now the 993 was chosen for a reason. It has the best Porsche air-cooled flat-six engine in the business. The 3.6-litre engine was stripped down, checked and re-built to exacting standards and makes close to 300bhp. The tuned exhausts cranks up the volume by a few notches while delivering crisp throttle response. The rebuilt six-speed manual gearbox adds to the purity.

Kaege Porsche 911 Retro Engine Bay

Kaege are ready to take orders for these bespoke creations where customers can specify the paint as well as interiors. While prices have yet to be disclosed, expect them to be far affordable than an original 70’s 911. So there you have it. A reliable, safer, comfortable, classy 911 that won’t break the bank… or your heart.

Kaege Porsche 911 Retro Left Front Quarters 2 Kaege Porsche 911 Retro Front Left Quarters Kaege Porsche 911 Retro Front Kaege Porsche 911 Retro Front Left Kaege Porsche 911 Retro Rear Left Quarters 2 Kaege Porsche 911 Retro Rear Left Quarters Kaege Porsche 911 Retro Engine Cover Kaege Porsche 911 Retro Door Handles Kaege Retro Porsche 911 Fuel Filler Kaege Retro Porsche 911 Rear Speakers

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