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May 26th, 2017

After 68 years of absolute go-anywhere credentials, the Defender seized to exist in 2016. This Kahn Design Defender 90 serves as a perfect ode to it.

Kahn Design has established itself as a design house that builds products that are timeless classics drenched in true European style and constructed with top notch quality. They are known to use contemporary design and development technologies to create their masterpieces and therefore this Kahn Design Defender 90 serves as a perfect ode to the icon that was the Land Rover Defender.

This Kahn Design Defender 90 build was asked for by the London Motor Show and the idea was to have a limited edition model to be entitled the ‘London Motor Show Edition’. It was also supposed to pack in all the top shelf features that Kahn has developed over the years. To mark this significantly special Kahn Design Defender 90, Kahn decided to paint it in a stunning French Racing Blue shade. The visually and dynamically stunning result was displayed at the 2017 London Motor Show and was a hit among the crowds.

Kahn Design Defender 90


On the design front, the Kahn Design Defender 90 gets the usual signature touches of the Chelsea Truck Company in the form of wide wheel arches that has integrated air vents and bolt apertures. You will also find X-Lander grille that looks butch, classy and captivating at the same time leading to an unmistakable stand out appearance. Since, the Defender was epitome of rugged strength, the Kahn Design Defender 90 gets a classy stainless steel front bumper that wears Tron Ring lights. The vehicle gets an aluminium sump guard while the mesh bonnet vents gets classy Shadow Chrome headlights bonnet vents. Further additions include toughened rubber mud flaps, presence of dark tinted glass for privacy, obvious addition of Chelsea Truck Company branding along a large spare wheel cover.

Kahn Design Defender 90

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On the mechanical front, the Kahn Design Defender 90 gets updated suspension with new gas shock absorbers and a new steering damper. The thick vastness of rubber with 275/55/20 specs adorns the 9×20-inch Mondial alloy wheels. Moreover, these alloys are finished in Volcanic Black suiting the impressive stance. Furthermore, addition of Chelsea Truck Company’s own power module means the 2.2-litre turbo diesel now makes 170bhp. This module can be easily fitted to the OEM engine connection points.

On the creature comfort side, the rugged Kahn Design Defender 90 interior has a pair of heated GTB sports seats up front and wears premium quality quilted and perforated leather. The same material adorns the rear seats as well which translates into a luxurious cabin that fits 5 people in utmost comfort. For more information you can visit Kahn Design.

Kahn Design Land Rover Defender

Kahn Design Defender 90

Kahn Design Defender 90

Kahn Design Land Rover Defender 90Kahn Design Defender 90

Kahn Design Land Rover Defender 90

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