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October 29th, 2015

There have been rumors all over the place from the past few months that Kawasaki is developing a new motorcycle that would be based on supercharged beast that is the Kawasaki Ninja H2. While these machines are still sometime away from production, Kawasaki confirmed the development on a new “Balanced Supercharged Engine” currently under development for their future motorcycles. This new supercharged engine would utilize electronically controlled flaps to control and manage the volume of air intake as well as the airflow to produce a more linear and smoother power delivery.

Kawasaki SC 01 Supercharged Concept Vehicle Supercharger Working

This new technology was highlighted at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015 with the Concept SC 01 and is called the “Sprint Charger”. Kawasaki describles the Sprint Charger as a machine that would be suitable for daily commute and long distance touring, due to its smooth and efficient power delivery. This would be the first attempt at creating a supercharged motorcycle for general use and touring purposes, meaning that it would be tuned more for comfort, styling and day to day practicalities.

Kawasaki SC 01 Supercharged Concept Vehicle

Kawasaki also announced that they would be continuing production of their current Ninja H2 and H2R motorcycles for 2016 in limited production. The new color and finish option will be added to the machines for the coming year.

Source: Motorcycle-USA

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