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on May 28th, 2016

Among the world’s most recognized actors and someone who has been adored for his mega blockbuster Matrix Trilogy and the action genre movies like Speed and for his beautifully romantic ‘The Lake House’, Keanu Reeves is a vastly versatile actor who is loved by one and all. Keanu Reeves is also known as someone who loves to drive fast and who has always been hugely passionate about the world of speed and automobiles, which is clearly evident by his recurring presence at many big motor-sporting events across the globe, at least once a year you can see him visiting the MotoGP paddock amidst huge roar from the crowds, riders and their teams alike. Saying that, Keanu Reeves can get any supercar he would ever want at will, in fact he can get all of them at the same time itself, however, with such massive versatility and enigma, it is but obvious that this self-confessed lover of speed will not settle for anything less than a supercar that would suit his aura and his character, thus it doesn’t come as a surprise that that Keanu Reeves and his Porsche 911 are a speed match destined to be together.

Being Never known for opulence and extravaganza like most of his counterparts, Keanu Reeves revels in being a monogamous guy, and it shows in his choice of having only one car, a black Carrera 4S with a sunroof and manual transmission. As a true lover, Keanu loves to be specific about what he likes in his cars, like a certain “driving aesthetic,” or a fact that how a car inspires him to be fast and efficient. It is clearly evident that Keanu Reeves and his Porsche 911 share a strong bond that makes him not to look for anything else on four wheels that is fast.

While growing up, Keanu Reeves had a great opportunity to be around some really nice cars such as a Citroën S; and his grandmother, who drove a Mercedes 450 SL convertible in the ’70s, had a boyfriend who drove a Porsche 911 Targa. Like a lot many of us, Reeves admits that was turned on by the shapes of race cars and their sound, his fantasy of being a race car driver further fuelled when Reeve’s sister dated a race car driver, and he enjoyed some high-speed cruises through southern France as a passenger.

Keanu Reeves and his Porsche 911 and KRGT-01

Reeves is also known for his love of motorcycles, which started off with his 1973 Norton Commando, one he bought in 1987 and still owns. Being in his position, Reeves, gave into motorcycling passion by purchasing a bike at every location he filmed and later selling it when his work finished on that location, these were also a time when many crashes reminded him about the inherent risks that motorcycling has and that inspired him to move to four wheels, and he shortlisted the Porsche 911. Thus the story of Keanu Reeves and his Porsche 911 began.

Reeevs selected a custom build black Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, that had a sunroof and manual transmission. Among the things he loved on the car was it exhaust note, but the most striking thing for him was how the car felt to him. The combination of Keanu Reeves and his Porsche 911 has had great memories of winning the 2009 Celebrity Race at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. However, his special Porsche which was one of the last air cooled Porsche’s got stolen when he was away filming and that made him get in touch with the Porsche’s Customer Consultation Center in Beverly Hills to have his own custom spec Porsche 911, the German Supercar maker was more than happy to support. Thus bringing Keanu Reeves and His Porsche 911 story a new addition and a new chapter.

Keanu Reeves and his Porsche 911 has also been the main inspiration behind his own brand of motorcycles, Arch Motorcycle Company, that follow the same Porsche principle of being a modern interpretation of a technological legacy, a vehicle suited for daily use as well as for outright speed. As per Reeves, the biggest benchmark for road vehicles he can think of is that a vehicle should always look gorgeous and should have a performance that is just as brilliant, a character which is at the core of the Porsche philosophy.

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Keanu Reeves and his Porsche 911

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