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October 14th, 2016

Ken Block’s Hoonicorn V2 Is Going To Be A Tyre-Shredding Beast

Ken Block, the world’s sideways rockstar has decided to re-tune his 1964 Ford Mustang that has the pet name “Hoonicorn”. The Ford Mustang appeared first in Gymkhana Seven and we thought it couldn’t get any better. But the newer version aptly dubbed “Hoonicorn V2” gets explosive power for hooning into Block’s future videos.

Hoonigan V2 Engine

That’s really a lot of engine and turbo

With the Hoonicorn V2, Ken Block updated his Mustang with a new and fully-custom twin-turbo setup that forces 21 pounds of boost the the Mustang’s 6.7 litre engine that is on meth. Metanol that is. The result of those ludicrously massive turbochargers popping out of the hood is an insane 1,400 horsepower at the crank that is then sent to all four wheels, cause obviously sending that much power only to the rear wheel would mean that the Hoonicorn V2 might just keep spinning and spooling where it is.

The upgrades to Block’s Mustang are in-line with a new video concept for which the team at Hoonigan needed more power to achieve the stunts using the Hoonicorn. For the same, the Mustang has also received a livery update that come as an inspiration from Block previous MkII Ford Escort, mixed with a reflective pattern.

While we sit here and wonder when the Hoonicorn V2 will hit YouTube, we cant help wonder how many tyres would it take to film an entire Gymkhana episode on something this mental. Only time will tell.

Images Courtesy Hoonigan

Ken Block Hoonigan V2

Ken Block’s Hoonigan V2

Ken Block Hoonigan V2 Engine And Turbo

Hoonigan V2 Engine And Turbo

Ken Block Hoonigan V2 Under the hood

Hoonigan V2 Top View

Ken Block Hoonigan V2 Ford Mustang Left Front Quarters

Ford Mustang Hoonigan V2

Ken Block Hoonigan V2 Popping Turbos Ken Block Hoonigan V2 Ford Mustang Left Side Profile Ken Block Hoonigan V2 Ford Mustang Left Side Profile 2

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