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May 11th, 2016

The Lamborghini Miura is among the most iconic cars ever made and by far among the most stunning car designs ever too. So it is only obvious, as this legendary car reaches towards its 50th anniversary, the people who made it will have something to celebrate the occasion in style. And this is something exactly what Lamborghini has planned for the Miura. Come this June, Italy will witness Lamborghini Miura Classic Supercar Tour, and the world will go back to the times when it was glorious, fast and gorgeous.

Lamborghini Miura

In order to make this Lamborghini Miura Classic Supercar Tour through Italy a success, Lamborghini is calling out to all the owners of this legendary car to come and participate in this tour across the scenic beauty of Italy and to relive the car and the landscape and to celebrate Miura’s 50 years in all its grandeur. As per the plan all the assembled Miuras will tour through Italy, starting from the Lamborghini’s Sant’Agata headquarters outside Bologna the contingent will continue through the Tuscany landscape and will conclude in Florence. This ultra special event will see the Lamborghini Miura Classic Supercar Tour rally at Bologna’s Grand Hotel Majestic and then they will head to the Lamborghini factory tour at Sant’Agata first. Further after that the cars will convoy to the Dallara factory where the collection of special Miura’s of this Lamborghini Miura Classic Supercar Tour of Italy will meet with the company’s founder, Gian Paolo Dallara,  the man who was the Miura’s chief designer.

Dallara is renowned for his work as a constructor of Indy cars, along with the famous Graham Rahal’s Maxim Sponsored entry at the Indianapolis 500. However, before all that came, Dallara started his career at Lamborghini and helped create this design icon of an era of supercars that laid the foundation of all the mid engined V12 supercars that came after it. Dallara then moved on to start his own eponymous company in 1972. After the meeting, the convoy of the Lamborghini Miura Classic Supercar Tour through Italy, will stay overnight at the legendary Park Hotel Pacchiosi in Parma’s oldest district. The next day the cars will head towards the United Nations World Heritage Site of Cinque Terre’s ruggedly scenic coast. It is after which the Lamborghini Miura Classic Supercar Tour will head towards the Principe di Piemonte hotel in the fashionable resort of Viareggio.

Lamborghini Miura

After passing through such marvelous landscape, Lamborghini Miura Classic Supercar Tour through Italy will finally conclude at the Westin Excelsior Hotel in Florence on its last day, the hotel is situated in a Renaissance palace, where the tourists will be able to park their Miura’s for a walking tour of Florence. Interested Miura owners can rally for the trip by contacting the company at Miura50@RT-Service.com.

In the meantime enjoy a rather gorgeous video below regarding the Lamborghini Miura and Dalara.

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