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May 27th, 2016

Lamborghini has grand plans for the 50th anniversary of the legendary Miura. Only recently we told you how the Italian supercar maker has organized the Lamborghini Miura Classic Supercar Tour. This epic drive of iconic Miura’s will go through Italy starting from the Lamborghini’s Sant’Agata headquarters outside Bologna the contingent will continue through the Tuscany landscape and will conclude in Florence. Now, understanding that they could add up more spice to celebrate one of the most famous and aspired for supercars of all times, Lamborghini had another plan up its sleeve for the iconic cars 50th anniversary.

Lamborghini Miura Collection


On 20th May 2016, the Italian company flagged off two Lamborghini Miura cars its Museum to revisit the route used in the cult film, “The Italian Job”. The Lamborghini Miura featured in the opening sequence of the legendary 1969 film as they travelled up the hairpin curves of state road 27 around Great St. Bernard Mountain in the heart of the Italian Alps. This is not all, the event also saw, engineers Gian Paolo Dallara and Paolo Stanzani, lovingly called ‘fathers of the Miura’ also reunited in a warm meeting, both were in charge of the technical side of the Miura project. The legendary meeting also saw the presence of Marcello Gandini, who came up with the exterior design for Carrozzeria Bertone.

Lamborghini Miura Front


The contingent of these Lamborghini Miura supercars was escorted up to the Great St. Bernard Pass by Anas, an Italian Government-owned company that is into the building and maintenance of mountain roads and the Polizia Stradale which is Italian for Highway Patrol. The popular pass was opened on a one-time basis for this Lamborghini Miura 50th anniversary celebration only.

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