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June 2nd, 2016

Close to the Fiat Headquarters at Turin, there exists Centro Storico Fiat or Fiat Historical Centre that that acts as the company’s museum with  displays of brands Car, airplanes, trains, tractors, trucks, bicycles and even washing machines and refrigerators. The Centro Storico Fiat also has a collection of scale models along with reconstructions of parts of the production process, posters and advertising sketches while also preserves over 5,000 linear meters of paper documents, around  300,000 technical drawings, 5,000 volumes of motoring magazines over the years and industrial history. And if that is not all the museum also contains over 6 million images and a precious collection of over 200 hours of historical footage, of Fiats history. The video below is from that same archive and is a 20 minute documentary dedicated to two of the most iconic rally cars, the Lancia 037 & LC2.

Lancia LC2

Among all the simple brilliant things in the mostly grainy video from past vintages, video, you would also enjoy the classic Italian Disco music with the passion clearly flowing through the narrators voice (in case you understand Italian, then you would surely like it more). The video concentrates on the motorsports weapons that the Lancia 037 & LC2 were. The Lancia 037 was as epic a race car there could ever be while the Lancia LC2 showed it might as the asphalt track Group C car.

Furthermore, in the video, both cars proudly wear the iconic livery in the classic Martini Racing Colours and the initial part of the video is dedicated towards explaining the liveries to great effect, of how the livery gelled with the aggressive lines of the Lancia O37 and then also with the fluid lines of the Lancia LC2. If that is not all, a major part of this beautiful and classic documentary is dedicated to technical close ups of the cars and a lot of flying gravel too, there is even footage of Lancia 037 enjoying snow rallies to the full. Watch the video below and let us know in comments section below what you think of it.

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