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on April 16th, 2016

That old adage that money can’t buy happiness has always had some issues with us petrolheads who truly understand that money buys them the cars and motorcycles of their dreams and what else would we need, mostly nothing we say. Giving the whole ‘All is Temporary and Materialism is evil’ philosophy a pass we shall talk about it in terms of pure love and last time we checked, all gods favour love. Now that we have sorted this never ending debate the world has with us petrolheads, let us talk you about the Lancia Delta S4. Yes, THAT rally car which has been the reasons behind many of your errmm.. dreams and there is one for sale as we speak.

Lancia Delta S4 Group B Rally Car


An integral part of the folklore of the World Rally Championship stage, the Lancia Delta S4 was a brutal Italian rally monster that back in the glorious 80’s was said to wear a 550bhp power plant in its heart. This car was a legend in the times when the Group B era was at its highest peak and it was the times when unrestricted amount of power and boost were a norm. However, with this insanity of power outputs and the inherent risks that World Rally Championship has in bounds, it was the unfortunate and horrible crash of Henri Toivonen during the 1986 Tour de Corse in his Lancia Delta S4 that killed both, Henry and his co-driver Sergio Cresto that brought a grinding halt to the Group B Rally. The remaining Lancia Delta S4 units saw themselves to be either modified and re- engineered to participate as rallycross machines or went to the shiny garages of private collectors.


Lancia Delta S4 Group B Rally Car Interior Side View

And that is where this impeccably maintained piece of the glorious history of World Rally Circuit comes from and is now for sale, however, we believe you might need a safety harness to cope with the price the collector might ask for it. This car which has been listed for sale was the 1986 Rally Argentina spare car for the Double WRC champion Miki Biasion and has been listed by an Italian private owner. This stunning piece of rally machinery is claimed to be an untouched version of the 1986 spec Lancia Delta S4 and wears the iconic Martini livery and even features, the now iconic, Halda Rally Computer and the original Motorola CB radio.


Lancia Delta S4 Group B Rally Car Interior

The sad part is, the seller hasn’t disclosed the asking price for this gem yet; however, only recently a similar Lancia Delta S4 which was driven by Markku Alen got a listing of €430,000 or around £320,000, considering that, we doubt that this rare Lancia Delta S4 would come with any less number of zeros for the asking price. This is exactly that sort of news that can make us simple beings to have a real doubt of needing a few savings and on that thought, who needs two kidney’s anyways? For more information on the Lancia Delta S4, head over to Classic Driver.

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