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April 12th, 2016

Legend refuse to die – Land Rover Defender Series 1

The first thing every person who should posses before restoring a car or motorcycle is patience. Not the amount we have seen in front of exclusive outlets a day ahead of any Apple product launch, but in immense amount. It might take just couple of day to come up with the basic structure of the vehicle but sometimes to get a mere screw it will take ages. Not that these small parts not available in the market, but getting the original one going through the tedious search-find-get process is what makes restoration is thrilling as well as challenging. At the end of day, it’s a win win situation. You learn patience in its core and you will restore the car you always want to decorate your garage.

Land Rover Defender Series 1 Restoration

Then there are some companies such as Land Rover who wants to make this whole process simplified with its Classic department (which recently undertook the complete restoration of the burnt down Jaguar XKSS’). That too for the iconic model, the Series 1. After World War II, Land Rover wanted something to get rid of its slow sales. Chief engineer Maurice Wilkins came up with a design with centre-steering. The company quickly approved it for production albeit centre-steering and post war scarcity for steel led company to use aluminium in the construction of body. It worked and even the latest Land Rover Discovery Sport is a beneficiary for aluminium body.

The legend was born in April 1948 with a 1595cc, 50bhp four cylinder engine. There was permanent four-wheel drive and leaf-sprung suspension. In the next 10 years, the Series 1 got selectable four-wheel drive system, 2.0-litre engine, wheelbase has been increased and station wagon model was introduced. Nearly 2 lakh Series 1 were introduced by the 1958 and after 68 years, 25 units of Land over Defender Series 1 will be resurrected.

The newly set up Land Rover classic division is ready to help Land Rover Defender Series 1 aficionados with original parts as many as possible. The 25 units that are going to get rebirth is out for purchase. Not in way that you book a car, check booking status, and get delivery in a dealership. Restoration is process that adds personnel style and choice it is carried out with utmost passion. Land Rover knew it and if you among the 25, you will be significant part from day 1 to D day with Land Rover engineers at the brand new classic workshop located within the original Land Rover Defender production centre at Solihull. The restoration will go according to the brand’s original 1948 factory specification and using Land Rover Classic Parts to preserve authenticity.  This includes the choice of five period finishes including Light Green, Bronze Green, RAF Blue, Dove Grey and Poppy Red.

The whole process is an expensive job. If you are a value-for-money person mere passion will not lead to own this piece of history. It will cost between £60,000 and £80,000 but what you own if you are up for it is a 1948 Land Rover Defender Series 1 model made in 2016. Isn’t that super cool?

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