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September 29th, 2016

Levitating DeLorean Scale Model Urgently Needs Your Money.

For the world we might seem like grown-up men who could handle the niceties that the world has in spades. However, every-now-and-then we come across something that lets the inner kid jump out of joy. And something exactly like this happened to us when we found out about a brilliant scale model from Kids Logic. You might wonder what it is that has made the kid and the nerd inside us geek out that much. Well, it is a 1:20 scale DeLorean scale model and it was desire looks like. It combines our favourite two things beyond the world of automobiles, Movies and Science. In fact, when we talk about a movie series like the Back to the Future Trilogy, we can talk about everything we love. A story about a time travelling car that made science and DeLorean cool for many generations.

We have grown up dreaming about the iconic cars from the movies such as the DeLorean itself. And this 1:20 levitating DeLorean scale model takes us back to those times. The toy (if you would like to call it that, for us it is feelings man) was released in 2015. And if you are a fan of the famous trilogy you would know, 2015 was the year Marty McFly travels to the future from 1985. Thus making it a perfect geek-out thing out there in the market and a year hence, we still are hooked. However, the toy is scheduled to only go sale in third-quarter of 2016.

1/20th Scale DeLorean Maglav Model

This 1:20 DeLorean scale Model uses principles of magnetic levitation to create such captivating thing. Thus it looks like the DeLorean actually hovers as it floats over the platform. The designers have also added LED lights that light up, like when the DeLorean hits 88 miles per hour and you see it zip away in a burning light. Sorry, but we highly doubt that it’ll be the three sonic boom sound effects. The awesome levitating DeLorean scale model is available for sale currently at a price of US $225.

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Watch the video below of this brilliant 1/20th Scale DeLorean Maglav Model. Do tell us in the comments section below if you like it or not. We love it for sure, and in case anyone among you feels like gifting us something for Christmas, then you know where to look.

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