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September 1st, 2017

Adding to the long list of creature comforts in the modern automobile comes yet another gizmo to aid temperature control of the beverage at your own whim. The thermoelectric cup holder can either chill or heat up your drink at the touch of a button and is able to hold any container slightly larger than a standard soda can or a small bottle. It is powered through the 12V DC socket in your car, has a 3-step adjustable height and comes with an inbuilt “Over-Heating Protection” feature. The base of the thermoelectric cup is small enough that it can fit inside your car’s cup holder without toppling over with the drink.

What separates it from say, a regular thermos? The fact that you can also control the temperature of your beverage with the thermoelectric cup holder. This makes it perfect for a long drive and guarantees you a refreshing sip of juice or a soft drink of your choice, every single time you reach for it. Or a piping hot cup of coffee, as you soak in the monsoon rains and the accompanying lush greenery while cruising down the asphalt.


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