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November 20th, 2015

Porsche 356 outlaw two cars black silver stillLight, fast, nimble and yet perfectly engineered and reliable. If you thought Magnus Walker coined the term ‘Outlaw’ Porsche, it’s time we introduced the Emory family who started hot rod business back in the forties. The term 356 Outlaw was a name given in the early 80’s because race and rally inspired accessories were installed to a vintage Porsche. His children kept the flame of heritage alight by becoming the masters of race – or rally – inspired Porsche 356 customization, coming up with the all new ‘Outlaw’ style way before it became a respected way of doing Porsches. They cut and changed everything so delicately that you couldn’t even point out what was changed until you popped the hood and started asking questions.

Porsche 356 outlaw front silver action

In place of the 1.6-litre pushrod original, Emory Motorsports uses a stroked 2.0-litre, 4 cylinder engine pounding horsepower in the range of 180 – 210 with fat carburetors 4 or 5-speed transmission. While the body retains its stock appearance, the Outlaw receives changes such as deleted, smoothed or GT, stiffened chassis while front and rear sway bars are combined with adjustable shocks for comfort and performance to round out the appearance package as per customer’s preference which can be coupes or open.

Now even the Porsche parade concourse events have classes for Outlaws. Emory Motorsports continues to 356, 911 and 912 Outlaws for clients all over the world.

Porsche 356 outlaw left diagonal rear silver still Porsche 356 outlaw diagonal right black still Emory Motorsports Porsche 356 Outaw Interior

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