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August 24th, 2015

Majority of the custom bikes that get huge appreciation on the internet today are the ones that are fully blown custom builds. While they surely steal the show, they might not be everyone’s cup of tea. For those who want to go the custom way, but are too concerned about loosing their factory handling or just don’t want to go too far, there is a middle way out. For those, these lightly modified BMW R NineT custom motorcycles are the best compromise between a bone-stock motorcycle and a completely cut-down custom machine.

Lightly modified custom builds are the ones that effectively look radical in terms of the them, paintjob and customisation followed, but retain some of the aspects of the original motorcycle while keeping most of the stock handling characteristics. In case of the BMW R NineT, thats not such a bad thing.

Here are some of the best BMW R NineT custom machines that have found a soothing middle ground between things. All of these machines retain their stock fuel tanks, most of the original chassis and other bits n’ bobs all around.

“Nato” R NineT by VTR Customs

The major change in appearance comes thanks to the motorcycle’s unique Nato green paintwork. To add to the theme, a vintage custom saddle in been thrown into the mix … and Motogadget classic instrument cluster replaces the techie stock unit.

Its a amazing job done on the “Nato”. Specially when you thing so little has been changed.

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BMW R NineT Custom by Roland Sands Design

The Roland Sands R NineT is one of the best examples that one can come across of a custom motorcycle that has retained all of its structural integrity. While taking up the project, Sands and his team took an oath not to cut any part of the original bike off, and they have stuck to their word.

Still, this is one of the machines that features a heck lot in terms of modifications done. The paint job is custom along with cast bronze RSD logos on the tank. But it does not end there as RSD provides some 14 different parts as customisable options for the R NineT with more parts and variations in the R&D pipeline.

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Handcrafted Goodness

BMW R NineT “Paranoia” From Taiwan

R NineT by Eurobike

This is a BMW R NineT custom made by one of BMW’s Brazilian dealerships Eurobike who collaborated with builder Johnnie Wash who is the actual man responsible for creating this simplistic beauty. The dual tone colour combination of the tank is masterfully blended with the matt black on the rest of the cycle parts.

This R NineT gets a pair of custom underseat pipes, performance air filters and a clip-on handebar.

Motogadget Speedometers

The Bison by Rival Cycles

While “The Bison” might sport a near stock paint scheme, there is quite a lot that has gone into achieving the rest. To start off, there are genuine bison leather seat and custom made pannier. There is a very cool looking exhaust system that snakes up and over the engine, exposing the finned oil pan, and is given a supertrapp-style end can as the ultimate finisher. The Bison also gets custom-made Kineo Wheels that give it a bespoke touch. More From Revival Cycles.

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Elegant Bastard by Smokin Motorcycles

The Elegant Bastard is Smokin’s way of saying ride like a gentleman, but a bit roughed up. It is rough, but refined, elegant but loud all at the same time. While it does use a custom-made aluminium tank, it resembles in shape to the original to keep things a bit relevant. The subframe too has the same look as the stock, but is now CNC milled and holds a antelope leather seat on top. There are carbon fibre engine and an a-symmetrical speedo has been thrown into the mix with a custom CNC milled triple tree to give a cleaned out look to the front.

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2016 BMW R NineT Scrambler

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