February 16th, 2017

A to-scale back to the future DeLorean, minus the time travel.

If there is a thing as typecast car makers, then Delorean time machine has to make it to the top of the list, at least from the cinema sense of things. Sad, but it’s at least better than not being known at all. So when someone says DMC-12, the only thing that strikes the mind is the Back to The Future DeLorean time machine that would throw Michael J.Fox’s Marty and Doc Brown in a different time once it clipped 88mph. In continuation to that thought, Doug DeMuro recently got a first hand experience of actually driving the very familiar machine.

What we have here is an inch-perfect Back to The Future DeLorean time machine DMC-12 replica car that replicates everything that the movie car had, minus the time travel off course. There have been quite a few replica kit cars based on the movie machine in the past, but none of them would have been so elaborate as this one that is built and owned by Eliot from Florida.

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According to Doug, who regularly brings makes some really unique content on his channel on YouTube, the car is an absolutely accurate replica of the movie car down to the last bolt. It has the exact Back to The Future DeLorean time machine parts right from the frame upto the instrumentation that was added to make it look like a time travel machine. Elliot has even installed an extra battery at the front of the car that provides the needed power for all the gadgets, lights and switches onboard.

In the video below, Doug gets a one-off chance to drive the car and capture onlooker’s reactions as they park the car and head out for a quick lunch. I am not sure if DeLorean owners club members would agree on such a conversion of an otherwise perfectly-running car, but fans of the movies would surely have nothing to frown upon.

Cover + Video Via Doug DeMuro on YouTube

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