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February 23rd, 2015

A hobby gone out of control and beer causing good ideas is truly the best way to sum up things with ICON Team Raiden’s expedition of the Mexican 1000. The team heads out the compete at the Mexican 1000 with two bikes that don’t exactly suit the sort of terrain they are about to encounter.

While the Triumph Tiger is a great bike to go dual sporting and adventuring, but tackling the gruelling 1200 km plus of the Mexican 1000 is a whole different thing. The entire point of this expedition was not to win though, but to ensure that both the Tiger cross the finish line, not on a flatbed, but being ridden, and ridden as hard as possible.

The mini documentary Lords of the Atlas – Mexican 1000 showcases the gruelling run as both the bikes take heavy damages, broken suspensions, broken clutch plates and lot more as ICON Team Raiden march on towards the finish line on their five-day run.

Lords of the Atlas – Mexican 1000 is one more of the fabulous ICON videos that the brand produces to showcase the latest and greatest of their riding and safety gear. This video in particular, showcased the company’s Raiden motorcycle gear lineup. It’s got the right aesthetic appeal and the technology that reduces weight and bulk which helps riders feel more comfortable and safe while taking up the open roads.

Hit the video link below to watch the full film: Lords of the Atlas – Mexican 1000

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