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November 16th, 2016

Buying expensive sports cars has never really been about crunching the numbers. It is more about the experience that comes with the ownership that distinguishes one sports car brand from the other. Porsche has constantly strived to be at the helm of providing the most enthralling experiences to their customers by making one of the best machines in the business. A brand that has survived over the ages for their unique placement as the one and only everyday driver’s car has recently opened a new $60 million Porsche experience centre in Los Angeles takes the brand’s ideology a step further.

Los Angeles Porsche Experience Centre Motorsport

Historic racing cars inside the Porsche experience centre

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The Los Angeles Porsche experience centre is a grand setup that spans over 20 hectares (almost 50 acres). It is one of the only two places in the United  States (the other being in Atlanta) where Porsche will offer visitors an uncompromised experience wether one’s looking for performance testing or diving deeper into the company’s motorsport heritage. The LA Porsche experience centre that is located on Interstate 405 includes an impressive 6.5km test track where visitors can partake in a 90-minute driving programme under the supervision of an instructor. In fact, the Porsche experience centre features a complete 8-module training course that includes two circuits, an off-road course, a dynamic area, a start control and acceleration straight as well as a skid pan.

Porsche experience centre LA Lobby Porsche experience centre LA Motorsport division

Porsche always wants their customers to have the most exhilarating experience with their cars, and with these training modules that are there at the experience centre they are sure to make better drivers. The LA Porsche experience centre also doubles as the headquarters of Porsche’s North American motorsport operations. As one walks past the entrance, Porsche Motorsports’ workshop floor is in full view littered with historic racing cars that are exhibited by owners and collectors.

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