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April 17th, 2019

Since 2017, when Lotus Engineering was acquired by Chinese automotive giants Geely, things have been rather quiet, up to this point that is. At the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show that kicked off this week, Lotus confirmed their new hypercar – Type 130, which would be their first all-new production car since 2008. The Type 130 will be the world’s first British electric hypercar, which, according to Lotus, is now in the advance stages of development. Lotus has been reportedly working with Williams Engineering where the later will be providing battery and propulsion technology to Lotus from their expertise with battery technology that they’ve been supplying to Formula E since 2014. Lotus will reveal the Type 130 in its full glory, alongside specification later this year in London. It is yet to be understood how closely the new hypercar would adhere to Lotus’ principles of lightweight engineering.

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